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The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is not afraid about ageing. She admitted in an interview that she does not worry about getting a “crows’ feet” because everybody will someday decay.

The 25-year-old Hollywood actress has accepted the fact there are certain things that one cannot change, a report posted in Business Standard. She has come to terms that no one can stop crows’ feet but be happy to decay like everyone else.
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Lawrence added that if she worries about wanting to look fresh and younger, she is not going to be a very happy woman. She also said that a person should find other things, which are much more important to make him happy.

Unlike most young Hollywood stars who are obsessed with being young, Jennifer Lawrence is not bothered about it. She shared her philosophical view about ageing and said that it is for women a bigger deal than it is for men, Telegraph noted.

Aside from the ageing issue, the X-Men: Apocalypse actress also believed that engaging on social media in any form will give a person more exposure. However, Lawrence refused to engage on it because she does not want people to have “more” of her.

As she said in the interview, there are more important things that can make a person happy than worrying about ageing. So Jennifer Lawrence has been spending her time by doing what she loves—acting. The actress recently reprised her role as Mystique in the renowned series movie, X-Men, and later this year, she will appear in a science fiction romance film, Passengers.

There are not many Hollywood and Oscar-winning actresses who will cheerfully admit to beating the living daylights out of her co-stars, but Jennifer Lawrence has always been a person of contradictions.

To note, she is known for falling on the red carpet. Recently, she appeared poised and elegant in the Dior advertising yet she almost stumbled on the floor. It was also reported that she travels everywhere on her private jet and her favorite shop is Ikea. She is one of the most gorgeous and approachable stars of her generation, but she said her romantic life is non-existent.

Lastly, Jennifer Lawrence is a well-known beauty and loved by the people, but she does not fret about getting old.


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